It takes a village to raise a child

Our Founder - Lennora Muti’ah Pierrot

I am a native of St. Lucia and raised as a New Yorker, have travel to Senegal West Africa and Cape Town South Africa and a few countries in Europe. At 46 taking on the new challenges of being a part of the new Legacy of my community in Tuskegee AL.I was trained as a Doula from DONA (Doula’s Of North America)I became a Doula Coach at the Institute for African Nutrition in Cape Town South Africa. My 27 years as a Doula is the building block of my life as a mother of 9 children 5 boys and 4 girls. I am writing from my heart to assist each people to find their life purpose with passion.

To reflect on where you came from in light of where you are now, is truly phenomenal.This reflection illuminates the soul with such radiance that everyone around you receives light and positivity from your presence.The place you are now – spiritually speaking – is not where you will be next year or the next year, or the next year – it’s just where you are right now – in this present moment.

Life is growth; it fluctuates between times of hardship and prosperity – and even during the hardest of times, we know that good times may be just around the corner – – – for there is a guarantee that after difficulty comes ease. Life is a cycle – just as after the day comes the night. One method of self-enrichment is attaining and implementing life skills. These skills are necessary for self-enrichment and can lead to many positive changes in your life such as your outlook on life and even your life goals.

Know this: you are never alone and never unguided. Your drive is what determines your success in your life. Every action has a reaction. Every cause has an effect – and many times in life you may not see the effect or even understand its cause. This is generally due to a lack of awareness of our-selves and our surroundings.

Through my blog, workshops and classes, and one-on-one coaching, I help others with  low self-esteem to the curb and put out the welcome mat for a healthy body, unlimited confidence, and unbridled joy.I have found that being a resource is the best way to help others. When surrounded by so many exceptional talented professionals, the only thing to do is too share the wealth of information.

Spirituality is a huge and wonderful part of my life. I practice Islam as a  way of life, an organization striving for world balance. With deep believe that each person has the power to overcome all of life’s challenges, to live a life of value, and become a positive influence in their community, society, and the world.

My faith motivates me to help others reclaim their power to live the best life imaginable.

It is with that drive that Our organization was created A HouseFullOfLove Preparing Families for Excellence along with BABI- BIBS AND BLANKETS INTERNATIONAL.

We are here to reclaim the Global Village.
Education and Credentials

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Concentration in Marketing) Strayer University, Washington DC, anticipated graduation ( Summer 2019)
  • Associates in Arts in Acquisition and Contract Management, (May 2016), Strayer University, Washington, DC
  • OSHA Certified (2015), OCI Certified 2016, Tuskegee AL DBE
  • Doula Trainer, Certified (2005), Life Coach, Certified (2005), South African Council on Herbal Health, Doula, Certified (1998), DONA (Doula of North America)

Affiliations, Side Gigs, Talents  

  • PTA President Tuskegee Public School, Tuskegee AL, (2015 to Present)
  • Public Speaker- Guest Lecturer for Dr. Robert White, Alabama State University
  • Writer Black Tie Magazine, Back To the Basics Column
  • St. Lucian Patois, and Conversational French and Arabic language
  • Dedicated & Effective leadership and communication skills

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